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February 2017 Public Forum Brainstorm NEG – Cuban Embargo


  • Lifting the embargo would allow american companies to expand, helping the U.S. economy.
    • Look for sources, many estimate over $1 billion in lost export sales
  • Sunk Cost fallacy: The more you invest in something the harder it becomes to abandon it.
    • We’ve invested so much, we need to put our pride aside
  • Embargo Hurts the Cuban Economy: Embargo has stunted the growth of Cuba’s economy. Tons of impacts:
    • They will grow out of being a failed nation
    • Less corruption
    • More security
    • Less Human Rights abuse
    • etc.


  • Increase quality of life for Cubans: As American companies move into Cuba their economy will rise, leading to an increase in quality of life for them.
    • Embargo was designed to put strains on government, not the people
    • Huge impacts off of this one!
  • Embargo is standing in the way of diplomatic relations: We have been trying to establish ties with Cuba. If we want ties to grow we need to get rid of our petty policies from 5 decades ago.
  • Hypocrisy: The US cannot maintain economic ties with Russia, China, and others while rejecting Cuba because they have human rights violations or aren’t a certain type of political system.
  • Lifting the Embargo may accomplish the original goal of it: It would strengthen U.S. Cuban ties leading to a more positive view and possibly adoption of democracy/capitalism, which were part of the original goal.
    • Help the U.S. to have more sway with the decisions made by Cuban Gov
  • Free Trade promotes Democracy: Right now the US is trying to promote freedom while at the same time restricting trade. By allowing more free trade, they can start transitioning into another form of government
  • US Perception: The UN has denounced the embargo that the US has against Cuba. In order to maintain a higher reputation the US needs to relinquish the embargo
  • Impacts: Hege, soft power, etc.


  • Framework: Burden of proof on the negative. They have to show that the Cuba Embargo has been beneficial over the last 50+ years.
  • Framework: What is best for the american people.
    • The US is the actor in the resolution, their goal is to help the citizens of the US.
    • Look up polls, most Americans want this
    • Talk about the businesses, etc.
  • Framework: If the initial goal of the embargo was not met we should end it and look to other options.
    • They still are not a republic/democracy
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February 2017 Public Forum Brainstorm NEG – Cuban Embargo

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