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Used when dealing with the times in a round. I.E. speech times, prep time
Individual Event and Debate Times
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Public Forum Debate Times 4 minutes – 1AC – First Affirmative Constructive 4 minutes – 1NC – First Negative Constructive 3 minutes – CX – First Cross Examination or Cross Fire 4 minutes – 2AC – Second Affirmative Constructive 4 minutes – 2NC – Second Negative Constructive 3 minutes –

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Lincoln Douglas Debate Format
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Lincoln Douglas is arguably the most dynamic debate event. With the judging pool ranging from soccer mom’s to technical debate legends there will always be a disagreement on the “correct” way to do things. The only variable that remains constant is the Lincoln Douglas debate format. Lincoln Douglas Debate Times

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Public Forum Debate Format
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Public Forum, PF, or PoFo as some call it is the newest form of debate. This contemporary event features two teams of two battling it out over a resolution inspired by current issues and hot topics. With the Public Forum debate topic changing so often students are required to research,

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