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US Pressure will work:

  • US pressure has lead Israel to make bolder moves. These moves push Palestine into a corner where they will be more willing to negotiate territory.
  • US pressure has caused diplomatic relations between the two countries to improve drawing them closer to resolving their personal issues and implementing a two-state solution.
  • US has soft hege. It may not have been working NOW, but with patience the issue will be resolved.
    • The aff will say this needs to happen NOW. You can argue that gradual slow progression is more permanent and quick changing solutions will only be temporary.
    • Over the last several years they’ve been growing closer and closer and are almost ready. Don’t throw away the progress.
  • US pressure points Israel in the right direction.
    • Regardless of the outcome, the US is fulfilling what the UN wants and what other countries want.
      • Hege increase
  • Not costing us anything politically or economically to pressure them. Any alternatives would cost in these 2 senses and also have large risk for failure.

The two state solution will be beneficial:

  • Conflict will decrease with a two state solution.
    • Status quo is essentially a military occupation of foreign territory, of course there will be violence until that is resolved.
    • All of the violence that has been occurring is based on an argument of who own certain land. If that dispute is over, so is the war.
  • Palestine can begin to rebuild their nation instead of being refugees
  • They have shown that they can’t get along. A two-state solution is the only way to fully resolve their hatred.
  • Economic: Palestine has strict requirement on their trade which is causing them distress. Separating these two groups would allow Palestine to escape economic dependency and poverty.


  • OBSERVATION: Resolution says, “work towards.” You can say the US should pressure Israel to implement the two-state solution. That could mean unilaterally.
  • Aff has to proposition right NOW we stop pressure. You can say in 10 years if it hasn’t worked maybe we stop pressure.
  • Alternative solutions will not work:
    • There aren’t any other good options but the one state or the two state solution.
    • A one state solution would destroy israel as we know it.  Israel politics would completely change if palestinian opinions were represented or supported.  The U.S. would no longer have them as a close ally.
  • Alternative – we aren’t pushing hard enough
  • Framework: the aff has to show that an alternative is better than pressure to the 2 state system
    • This is the defensive stance. Anything they throw out you talk about how unstable things are and any change will cause collapse.
  • Framework: The aff has to show that no longer putting pressure on Israel would benefit the US. Warrant: the US is the actor in the resolution

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