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March 2017 Public Forum Brainstorm AFF – Israel Palestine Two State Solution

Two state solution Will Not Work:

  • Neither side is willing to negotiate and give up concessions.
  • Both sides have overlapping holy sites.
  • There has been too much violence in the past, people will not just forget about it.
  • Palestinians do not want a two state solution.
    • Group in the Gaza strip do not recognize Israel and won’t agree with palestinians in the West Bank on compromising with Israel.
  • The religion of both groups directly contradict each other
  • Israel continues to settle West Bank territory, encroaching further into Palestinian space.  This will make it even harder to create two states.
  • Trump is president and does not have the global political capital that Obama had. If Obama could not pressure them into a solution, then there is no reason Trump would be able to.

Two State solution pressure causes more problems

  • We are encouraging Israel to do something that they don’t necessarily want or is not feasible. If we want stronger relations we need to stop pestering them like a naggy spouse.
  • Decrease violence from less pressure. We are the bad friend encouraging them to keep doing more and more to get there way. If we stop the pressure they stop fighting as much.
    • Impacts: lives and stability in the Middle East
  • Prejudice/xenophobia. When the US is encouraging separation by idealogic one could argue that this is not morally correct.
  • Increase hege. Decreasing pressure destroys the stereotype that the US forces other countries to act as they want or tell them what to do.


  • A two state solution has been being promoted for a long time now,  it is not working, so we should look at other alternatives
    • Other alternatives could lead to more peaceful and stable solutions.  A two state solution, as has been seen in the gaza strip, will just lead to continued violence
    • We should promote working together and learning to tolerate each other instead of trying to separate and segregate.
    • Alternative: The US shouldn’t pressure, but other countries or NGOs such as the UN should pressure. Or even the US should pressure through the UN.
  • Warrant to Framework. If two-state solution is not the only thing that everyone is talking about then other alts will arise.
  • Framework: If an alternative is better than the two state system, then the aff should win
  • Framework: You can advocate for the two-state solution, BUT one that is not developed or encouraged by the United States.
    • You would need to design your case around this, but this would allow you to adopt all negative arguments
  • Framework: The neg has to prove 2 things to win. 1. That pressure will push the two-state solution through. 2. That the two-state solution overall has positive effects.


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