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February 2017 Public Forum Brainstorm NEG – Cuban Embargo

Economic Benefits

  • Cuba has a regulated economy so U.S. businesses would only help the government, not the people.
  • US Companies have potential to hurt Cuban Economy: Research this and have solid links before you run it. The idea is that if the embargo was lifted and the US now has rights to sell in Cuba it could somehow shift the amount of money that was going to the Cuban government to the US.
  • Hurt American Companies: I.e. US cigar companies now have to compete with cuban.
  • The amount of money we’re talking about is not that much: If the Aff tries to lift the embargo because it’s good for the economy keep in mind you’re looking at ~$1 billion a year. That is a drop in the bucket compared to our multi trillion dollar GDP.


  • Lowers global hedge: We will look weak if we give up on something like this that we set out to do.
  • Conflict has never really ended between the two countries – no hope of diplomatic relationship with cuba NOW:  Throughout history U.S. – Cuban relations have been plagued with little jabs at each other (mainly Cuba responding to U.S. good will with negative things)
  • Aid is still able to be given to Cubans without ending the embargo: Over one billion dollars in money sent abroad goes to cuba (from family members in the U.S.).  Congress has given a total budget since 2000’s of several hundred million dollars to promote democracy and human rights in Cuba.
  • Keeping the embargo keeps even just a small incentive to improve Human Rights: Better than nothing *Shrug*
  • Best to venture into the darkness with a backup plan: Know that Fidel Castro passed away last November the government is not as predictable. We need to maintain the embargo longer.
    • Raul (who is in power) is 80 years old. Might be going soon as well.
  • The stance that America is taking is correct: This would go great with some sort of philosophical backing. Regardless of the consequences of the embargo, it is morally correct that America opposes Human Rights violations and/or non-democratic nations.


  • Framework: If Cube meets the requirements of WHY the embargo was put into place.
    • Cuba hasn’t met the requirements originally set to lift the embargo which include:
      • Commit to free and fair elections
      • Freedom of press
      • Respect internationally recognized human rights
  • Framework: The Aff is required to lift embargo right now
    • Fidel passing might be a big change. Best to keep it in place
    • Propose in the future there may be a possibility of lifting embargo if they actively show strides in the right direction.
  • Framework: Least chance that a major catastrophe will happen
    • Keeping things the same = not getting rid of the embargo
  • Framework: Alternatives
    • Revise the embargo
    • Loosening, because they’re making strides, but not quite there
    • Re-establishing the purpose of the embargo with the Cubans
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