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Debate Clash was created with the purpose of bringing the forensics community together. With debate evidence, Interp scripts, topic updates, forums, coaching tips, and more we hope to provide helpful resources to any and all students that have a passion for speech and debate.

We’ve seen students voted down because they didn’t know they needed to extend their arguments or extremely talented actors that didn’t know you had to “pop” between characters. We strive to dispel all the secrets and unspoken guidelines that seem to exist in the speech and debate world.

If you have a question we strongly encourage you to reach out to us via email or the contact form below. We want to create a site where debaters, novice or veteran can foster their talents.

We also have some of the most brilliant minds in the country that will be publishing evidence in our shop. If you want to save time, get an idea of what other teams are running, or have a solid foundation to start from our digital marketplace will serve you well.

We at Debate Clash want you to expand your knowledge. If you have a desire to learn you should have the ability to.

You will notice that we are in the early developmental phases of this site. We will continue to expand our database of resources, but if you have any content you think would help this community grow we would love to put it on our site.

Email us at Debateclash@gmail.com or write us a message below

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