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Individual Event and Debate Times
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Public Forum Debate Times 4 minutes – 1AC – First Affirmative Constructive 4 minutes – 1NC – First Negative Constructive 3 minutes – CX – First Cross Examination or Cross Fire 4 minutes – 2AC – Second Affirmative Constructive 4 minutes – 2NC – Second Negative Constructive 3 minutes –

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Debate Clash Technical Debate Dictionary
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The Technical Debate Dictionary Abuse (Abusive Arguments): Arguments that make the debate round unfair. For example if the affirmative team made the argument that they should be able to run 3 plans the negative could argue that that is abusive because it inherently gives an unfair advantage to the affirmative. Advantage (AD): A

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CX - Policy Debate Format
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Policy debate is the most advanced and technical event that exists. This event is sometimes referred to as CX debate and has a topic that changes annually. A single topic each year sounds simple enough, but with the amount of technical jargon, organization, and speed reading required this event it

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