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Flowing is simply an organized way of taking notes. The process has a fairly steep learning curve and may feel strange at first, but with nearly every top debater flowing in a similar fashion, it is definitelby a skill worth fostering. Once you get the hang of it, you will notice it is

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Debate Judging Instructions
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Here are some excellent instructions from Cindy Sidwell on how to judge a debate round. This video covers what to expect when walking into that first debate round, how to fill out your ballot, and so much more. As coach Sidwell puts it, “Our debaters can’t compete without wonderful people

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How to Judge Public Forum Debate
Public Forum

In this video coach Cindy Sidwell goes over exactly what you will be seeing when you get to your Public Forum Debate round. Sidwell address the coin flip, how flighted rounds work, how to fill out your PF ballot, what to expect from the students, and much more.

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Lincoln Douglas Debate Format
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Lincoln Douglas is arguably the most dynamic debate event. With the judging pool ranging from soccer mom’s to technical debate legends there will always be a disagreement on the “correct” way to do things. The only variable that remains constant is the Lincoln Douglas debate format. Lincoln Douglas Debate Times

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CX - Policy Debate Format
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Policy debate is the most advanced and technical event that exists. This event is sometimes referred to as CX debate and has a topic that changes annually. A single topic each year sounds simple enough, but with the amount of technical jargon, organization, and speed reading required this event it

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Public Forum Debate Format
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Public Forum, PF, or PoFo as some call it is the newest form of debate. This contemporary event features two teams of two battling it out over a resolution inspired by current issues and hot topics. With the Public Forum debate topic changing so often students are required to research,

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