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Impact Calc Debate Clash
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Nearly every judge bases their decisions off of the impacts that were presented in the round. In this video we’ll go over what an impact is, move onto the purpose of impact calc, and finally address the key elements to this great tool. I’m Nikko and this is Debate Clash.

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Individual Event and Debate Times
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Public Forum Debate Times 4 minutes – 1AC – First Affirmative Constructive 4 minutes – 1NC – First Negative Constructive 3 minutes – CX – First Cross Examination or Cross Fire 4 minutes – 2AC – Second Affirmative Constructive 4 minutes – 2NC – Second Negative Constructive 3 minutes –

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Adapt to Lay Judge
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The number one rule in debate is adapting to your judge. You could be the quickest, most organized, and technical debater in the round, but if the judge doesn’t like your style you will lose. Lay judge is simply another way of saying that someone is inexperienced. Most of the

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Debate Clash Technical Debate Dictionary
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The Technical Debate Dictionary Abuse (Abusive Arguments): Arguments that make the debate round unfair. For example if the affirmative team made the argument that they should be able to run 3 plans the negative could argue that that is abusive because it inherently gives an unfair advantage to the affirmative. Advantage (AD): A

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How to Research in Debate
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Prior to research There are a couple of things you should do before starting your debate research. The single most important principle is to completely understand the topic. Contrary to popular belief one of the best places to start is Wikipedia. They provide a fantastic semi-comprehensive overview of nearly every topic. As

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How to Judge Lincoln Douglas Debate
Lincoln Douglas

Coach Sidwell is back again to go over how to judge Lincoln Douglas debate rounds in specific. She goes over some of the lingo you will hear, what the format of the debate is, what the students should be doing and more.

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